Ever wanted to just whisk your class off to the Pyramids of Giza in the middle of a lesson? One of the great things about having an interactive screen connected to the internet is that it can become a window on the world, allowing you to explore places that you’d never be able to easily take a class to. One of the best tools to help you with this is the Google Arts & Culture site, created by Google Cultural Institute in partnership with museums around the world.

Using the website, your class will be able to discover artworks, collections and stories from all around the world in a new way. Explore cultural treasures in extraordinary detail and easily share with others.

Google have taken their Streetview cameras indoors to allow your class to visit famous museums and famous buildings such as St Pauls Cathedral, Robben Island and the British Museum. There are over 3600 museum views available.

There are some excellent banks of collated resources, for example this fantastic resource looking at 34 years of the Space Shuttle Discovery. Featuring 360 degree views, interviews with astronauts and an immersive shuttle tour. If you want to know how astronauts go to the toilet in space, then there’s a 360 video to show you!

Using their gigapixel cameras Google have photographed famous pieces of art which allow you to view in fantastic detail, zooming right in to see every brush stroke. 1700 paintings are included.

It’s a truly fantastic resource. It’s of course of interest to teachers of art and design, but also history, religious studies, science and more.

You can visit Google Arts and Culture here : artsandculture.google.com