STEM Clubs have just released another set of great resources for schools to use with their STEM clubs. Freely available to download, these resources give your club the opportunity to explore and try new things, increasing young people’s enthusiasm and interest in STEM subjects and related careers. There are resources available for all year groups, from KS1 up to KS4.

Resource topics include:

Fact Finders : The (fictional) show Fact Finders TV explores common myths, crazy stories and possible pranks.

Movies and Magic : Sometimes what looks like magic is actually science. Look at magic and movie tricks for inspiration and find out how it’s done.

Zombie Apocalypse : Investigate how design and technology can help you survive a zombie apocalypse from making a barricade, to communicating with other survivors using Morse code.

Behind the Scenes : From special effects and big story ideas, STEM plays an important role in the movies, even if you don’t always see it on the big screen.

Asteroid Impact : Investigate the science involved in surviving an asteroid impact from how to grow crops in the long winter following the impact, to how to protect yourself from acid rain.

There’s also a best practice guide to provide a handy step by step guide to setting up a STEM club in your school.

As well as being great for STEM clubs, there’s no reason many of these ideas can’t be reused with your science classes instead, or used in a Science week/day event.

Movie Magic

STEM Clubs can be a powerful and enjoyable way to engage young people with STEM subjects, and can deliver a wide range of benefits. They can ignite a new interest in STEM subjects for some children and provide a platform for others to extend their learning. They can give a deeper understanding, offer real-world experiences and suggest different ways to learn and engage in STEM subjects. Most importantly, they are fun and exciting and allow all involved to explore STEM subjects in imaginative and inventive ways. If you’ve not already got a STEM club in your school, perhaps now is the time to set one up?

You can access the STEM Club packs here.

Disclosure : I was responsible for writing the Fact Finders and Movies and Magic resources. But don’t let that put you off!