James Hollis over at Teachers Love Smartboards has posted a link to a great video about how to use the Spotlight tool in Smart Notebook.

I love the Smartboard tool, its a very fun tool for focusing attention on one part of the screen and removing any distractions.

I commented on James’ post about how you can access the spotlight without being attached to the board, but I thought it was worth posting it here too.

Basically on your computer go to the C:/ drive and Program Files.. look for a folder called Smart Technologies Inc, open it and then open a folder called Smart Board Software… in here will be a file called Spotlight.exe.

Copy this file to your desktop, or make a shortcut to it and put that on your desktop. Then all you need to do is run this file/shortcut to run the spotlight on your desktop.

Cool eh?

It’s a shame that the spotlight tool isn’t on the toolbar of Smart Notebook. You can access it via the Floating Toolbar though (if you customise it a little). I can’t wait for version 10 to come out which, if you’ve seen the videos Smart released, has a Magic Pen tool that will create a spotlight wherever you draw a circle… which is just fantastic (OK, I am easily pleased!)