A quick post to share another interesting site for Chemistry I picked up from a discussion on the TES forums.

The Periodic Table of Videos has been produced by Nottingham University Chemistry Department. There’s a nice 3/4 minute video clip about each element. Some show reactions, others just talk about the elements.


From looking at some of the videos I would guess the most suitable age range for this would be A-level chemists, but some of the clips would be suitable for GCSE too. You may want to check them out before using with your class to see if their going to be suitable.

Other alternatives include Web Elements, and my particular favourite, Theodore Gray’s wooden periodic table site, home of the (in)famous Sodium Party where he sourced 3lbs of sodium and proceeded to throw into large buckets of water. If you’re ever showing the reaction of Sodium and Water and the students ask you to throw in a bigger bit – then these are the videos to show them!

Another favourite is the Brainiac Alkali Metals video, that apparently has now been debunked as slightly fake. A shame as its very funny. But I’ll copy it here anyway because it always raises a chuckle on training sessions.