I’ve already written about two of the three events that are taking place in the evenings of BETT next week; TEDxOrenda on the Wednesday and Teachmeet on the Friday.

The details of the third event are now available. The event is called AmplifiED and will take place on the Thursday evening.

Unlike the TEDx and TeachMeet events where attendees are members of an audience listening to presenters on a stage, the AmplifiED event is designed to encourage participation by all attendees (if they want to).

AmplifiED  will follow the Barcamp model of unconference.  Essentially this means that anyone who attends will be able to contribute to the discussions that take place.

Prior to the event a list of topics will be made available  so that attendees know what is going to be discussed, however late additions can be added on the night itself.

Individuals put forward a topic that they wish to be discussed  – this person will act as an ‘instigator’. Each session will last for 40 minutes, after which there will be a short break before the next session starts.

A programme will be posted in the event hall and people will be able to go to the tables at which the particular educationally-themed discussion will take place.

The ‘instigator’ will start the discussion, a ‘scribe’ will keep notes and the discussion will be videoed.  All participants will have the chance to take ownership of the data that is recorded during the event.

The ‘instigator’ acts as chairperson once the discussion starts – they must not merely deliver a monologue to the rest of the group, they must allow full discussions to take place.

This is a fantastic opportunity for any person with a ‘burning’ educational issue (no matter how loose it may be) to have the matter discussed with a large group of fellow educationailsts from all phases of the profession.

Previous Amplified events have featured 30 topics which were made available in three session blocks of 10 40-minute topics.  We will follow this same model

More information : http://edunconferences.org.uk/

Tickets are free – and to register all you need to do is visit http://amplified10.eventbrite.com/ and sign up.

As this event is taking place immediately after the BETT Show closes on the Thursday evening, it is suggested that you also register to attend the BETT Show as this will streamline your access to the event. Registration for the BETT Show is free and you can register here