Microsoft Office for the iPad was launched earlier this year, but you could only use it to view documents unless you had paid for an Office 365 subscription. This meant that for many of us, it was pretty useless.

Well Microsoft have had a rethink and from today you will be able to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on an iPad without an Office 365 subscription.

All you’ll need is a Microsoft user account, which you can get for free. You just need to register for an account. This might still be a sticking point in schools – you might need to sign up for some class accounts.

You’ll still need an Office 365 subscription to unlock certain advanced editing tools, but the free tools should be adequate for everyday use.

The new Office apps will allow you to open and save files to Dropbox, as well as to Microsoft Cloud.

If you have an Android tablet, then there’s a version of Office coming your way too with Office for Android apps.  You can can sign up for the Preview now. General availability is expected in early 2015. 

You can download the new Office apps here.